Type of devices

Type of devices

Our devices are standardised as per authorities of ARAI and DIMTS.

We laud the initiative taken by our Honourable Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi who has set the trend of Make in India. Our preferred devices are made in India to resonate the initiative taken.

We have taken the leap towards Digital India and our devices are set to digitally empower the automotive industry and the safety of the society at large.

We also cater to people looking for international branded products as a part of our offerings.

Our inclination towards Indian products is inevitable and we cannot wait to show you the power of a made in India device.

By promoting the growth of our Indian products and devices we will be contributing to the growth of the country at large and placing our nation on the map of one of the most equipped countries in terms of safety measures.

The devices manufactured by our company are tested and perform on par or even better than many other international devices available in the market.