QT Loads GPS for School & colleges Vehicles

QT Loads GPS for School & colleges Vehicles

A school bus tracking system tells you where your buses are, when they will arrive at various locations, and how carefully they are being driven. With a school bus tracking solution, you can coordinate bus schedules among a district’s schools, improve on-time performance and increase safety.

School bus tracking software reporting lets you verify routes and schedules, change routes to accommodate a new building development, avoid traffic congestion and track driver behavior. Analyzing driver behavior is particularly important to school bus companies because the children’s safety and security is vital. You can set parameters to monitor arrival times, excessive speed and aggressive driving. School bus tracking alerts you when something out of the ordinary happens to delay the bus’s arrival, so you can allay the fears of parents and school administrators.

Entrusted with both the safety and education of our children, school administrators seeking to more effectively manage student transportation are increasingly turning to GPS tracking systems to help them efficiently manage bus routes, monitor drivers, and ensure child safety.

Benefits of GPS School Bus tracking

  • Improved conveyance management
  • Real-time monitoring of transportation assets
  • Regular monitoring to prevent delays in bus arrivals
  • Tracking the halt, speed and idle state of buses
  • Tracking students on board the bus
  • Dealing with unforeseen situations
  • Instant notifications to parents/guardians.
  • Confirm that your operators are driving safely and cautiously
  • Save fuel by reducing idling time
  • Accurately map bus routes and change inefficient ones to increase on-time performance

Our system is easy to install and use. Track your school buses from a PC, smart-phone or tablet so you know what’s happening in real time, even when you’re out of the office. Parents and school administrators are counting on you to provide safe, secure and reliable bus service, and Track Your Truck makes it easy for you to do so. Contact us today and let us show you what a difference GPS tracking can make to your business — and to the schools you serve.