QT Loads GPS for Assets of Corporates

QT Loads GPS for Assets of Corporates

For assets large and small, on land or sea, there is a GPS solution built to protect them. Get the QT Loads GPS tracker to monitor merchandise through every step of the supply chain, or keep an eye on heavy machinery and farm equipment with long-lasting large asset trackers. QT Loads trackers allow you to pinpoint valuable assets anywhere on the road, irrespective of cellular coverage. And, through our professional GPS platform, you'll receive alerts the moment your device is tampered with. Protect what matters most to your business with QT Loads GPS Asset Tracking devices.

QT Loads GPS Asset Tracking systems allows your business to improve asset security and to monitor and manage valuable assets, wherever they are on the road. The tracking devices are fitted securely to your mobile assets, such as plant equipment and freight, and allow you to easily monitor any movements or unauthorized use. QT Loads Asset Tracking system provides you with a low cost but effective means in which to track your mobile assets giving you increased business confidence and peace of mind.

Benefits of Asset Tracking Solution

  • Know exactly where your assets are in real-time
  • Full location history reports
  • Receive alerts such as exit geo-fence, speeding, movement, etc
  • Monitor engine hours and odometer
  • Achieve superior security, safety and protection of assets
  • Enhance visibility and operational control 
  • Optimize workforce, assets and equipment
  • Reduce costs – theft, insurance, maintenance and utilization

Know where all your equipment is, and how it is being used, with no recurring fees. QT Loads complete GPS asset tracking solution covers your city, and its low-cost transponders allow you to track everything. Our personal dedication to your satisfaction is what separates us from other GPS providers and we would be privileged to earn your business.