QT Loads GPS for Motorbikes

QT Loads GPS for Motorbikes

Whether you own the latest sport motorbike or a vintage classic you'll want to protect it from thieves with the best motorbike tracking system available. Monitor unauthorized movements of your motorbike at any time with the help of a GPS tracker that lets you monitor your precious assets via phone app or computer.

QT Loads offer motorbike tracking options to suit a range of bikes to improve motorbike security, reduce insurance premiums and offer you peace of mind so that in the event of a theft the police will be able to find your bike. QT Loads tracking systems are much more than a motorbike alarm systems, technology is now able to give you security through motorbike GPS trackers. With the advent of GPS trackers, you are now able to locate the exact location of your bike/s at any point in time. Choosing the best motorbike GPS tracker will ensure that your bike is protected via a holistic system that will allow you to utilize geo-fencing as well as anti-theft tracking.

 Benefits of Bike Tracking Solution

  • Auto Track: The ability to track your motorbike live gives you protection against theft and reduces insurance costs in the future.
  • SMS: If your designated bike is in unauthorized area, you can receive alerts via email or SMS regarding their location and movement.
  • Geo-fence:A predefined virtual fence is setup around a site. If the Tracker goes outside this perimeter it will send an alarm to your phone.
  • Movement Alert:The unit can be set up to act as a movement alarm. Once the Tracker moves more than specific meters from its original position an alarm is sent to your phone.
  • Over-Speed Alert:You can set the maximum speed to any number. If it is set to 100kph and the Tracker travels >100kph and alarm is sent to your phone with the current speed, the position, time & date.
  • SOS Button: There is an SOS button situated on the side of the Tracker. Once pressed, an alarm is sent to your phone.

Bikes are particularly difficult to protect due to their ease of portability, the high demand for parts and poor identification. However, whether it’s for recreational use or your primary means of transport QT Loads has a tracking solution to suit your individual needs.