QR Code Scanning by QT Loads GPS

QR Code Scanning by QT Loads GPS

For those who like to keep their dear ones informedout the whereabouts of them or their goods, QT Loads GPS has a great offering for you.

We help you stay connected with your loved ones or your vehicle in transit at all times. We offer great technology in the simplest way. All you have to do is share the QR code of the vehicle with them and they can access all information with the click of a button.

QR code - QT loads app letsyour loved get in touch with details of your vehicle without having to sign in as a registered user. The QR scanning feature lets you scan the codes on vehicles and accessing information such as location and other legal documents. With the help of QR code passengers can always verify the vehicle, Contact owner of the vehicle and provide the feedbacks.

QR Code benefits for

School & College Vehicles - If your ward is running late to school or if you just missed the school/college bus you can now board it on the next stop. This is now made possible by scanning the QR code of your school bus and getting timely updates about its exact location.
Students, parents and institution management can now use this feature to ensure a smoother travel experience for their wards or themselves.
Safety of your child now come along with the installation of our device.

Public transport - QT Loads GPS has taken an initiative to safeguard citizens who commute using public transport system. We want to promote a safer travelling experience without the fear of uncertain travel schedule.
QR code lets you never miss a bus, with QR code you will have a real time update about the location of your bus to ensure timely arrival and departure.
In event of crisis, QR codes let the concerned authorities to inspect and locate vehicles when needed without any delay.

Goods Vehicle - Safety of your goods now takes a step further.Scanning the code of your goods vehicle will ensure a timely check on the location of the vehicle in transit. Our app gives you real-time updates about its location and warrants timely delivery of goods.
Our device not only tracks the location of your vehicle butthe QR code avails you the benefit of accessing the information without any hassle.

Taxi Fleets - If you own a taxi and need to know where its been then QR codes come to your rescue. With a click of a button, you can access all information and stay accounted about all your taxi's whereabouts.

Why is QT Loads GPS your fleet's best friend?

QT Loads GPS offers special benefits to fleet owners. Every fleet owner can enjoy a freedom from recurring charges that are often followed by the installation of the device. They can now install the device at cost of its hardware and no other additional charges.